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Liz McMahon here, welcome to my freelance copy writing site.

Is your message or product being drowned in a world of online chatter?

Are you looking for a writing service that will make your business visible to potential clients?

I offer the writing services that will promote your business with carefully crafted copy, attention to detail and skillful use of words

Look at the services I offer and rest assured that every piece of content I write is carefully researched and written with you  and your target market in mind.

Using my  writing services you are guaranteed content that is unique to your needs, professionally written and produced within the agreed time frame.

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Writing Services

Services for today’s business man or woman.


SEO articles— Informative and engaging articles with your keywords blended seamlessly into the piece.

Blog posts— Blogs on your product or topic to draw visitors to your website. Written with attention to   detail, appropriate tone of voice and designed to encourage the visitor to stay on the website.

Sales Letters— Selling a course, product or hotel room? Let me sell it for you using your Unique Selling Preposition.

Case Studies– Showing how your product or service can solve a client’s problem

E Newsletters— Want to stay in contact with your customers? Send them regular e-newsletters to keep them up to date on new products or services and to ensure they remember you.

E-Mail marketing— Launching a new product or service? See how a co-ordinated e-mail campaign can whet your clients’ interest and have them waiting for the launch.


Interested in using my services?

Questions you might like answers to


1- Can you guarantee the quality of your work?

Of course, my training as an English teacher and writer means that I insist on correctness of grammar,spelling, punctuation. Words are the medium I work in and I take pride in guaranteeing my clients high quality work.


2- Can you deliver work on time?

Absolutely. When we begin to work together we will agree on a time frame. Work will be delivered within the agreed schedule. As a former business owner I understand the importance of deadlines.I have a strong work ethic which guarantees timely production of work.


3- Do you have training in copy writing?

Yes, I have taken courses with AWAI (US) among others as well as reading the work of leading copywriters. I see my training in copy writing as ongoing and keep in touch with new developments in the field.


  4- Do you feel confident about writing on a wide range of topics?

Yes, I am interested in a wide range of subjects. Where a topic arises that I have limited information about I am happy to do intensive research and add to my store of knowledge as well as writing competently on the subject.


5- How would you describe your style of writing?

I like to think of my writing as engaging, interesting but in the field of copy writing adjust my writing to the work in hand. Different types of work require different types of writing so I feel it is important to adjust the style to what the client and his target customers will find most useful. Writing for me is a craft and like any craft must meet the client’s needs.


  6- How do you deal with edits and revisions?

I would like to think that the work would leave my desk not requiring any revisions! However I am happy to do two revisions or edits within thirty days of the work being submitted at no extra cost.


  7- What are your charges

My charges vary depending on the type of writing being done. If you submit a proposal outlining the work you require I will return to you within twenty four hours with a quotation.



Thinking of working with me please have a look at a small sample of my writing. If you like what you see you will find my details on the contact page.If you want to find out more about me and my experience go to Liz McMahon Freelance Writer


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